Here is the assembly video for the Mid Century Dining Chairs.

Please see the manual below. Downloadable/printable PDF version of the manual at the bottom of this article.

We find that while the assembly is simple, having someone assist you really helps make quick work of it. Set everything up on a rug, drop-cloth or other soft surface. 

Here are a couple of tips for the chairs:

  • There is a front and a back stretcher/spacer (part 3, the front, is designated by a small hole, per the instructions).
  • The seat cushion (part 6) is installed with 4 small wood screws, no pilot holes are pre-drilled in either the frame (parts 1 and 2) or the cushion bottom. 
  • Feel free to install small wood screws (part E) without a pilot, or drill a pilot hole first. (use extreme care if you decide to drill a pilot hole into seat bottom).