Sign in to Wayfair:

Click Orders drop down menu on the left hand side. 

Then click Overview

Search Purchase orders here, once you have searched your order the order you are looking for will appear in the search below. See Pic

Click on the order tab and a pop-up will appear on the right-hand side. Click Submit order delay. See pic

Once clicked a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.

If we know this item is on order you should select "In Transit (On Water)" and submit with the most accurate date. Here is how to check for dates:

If there is no date but the item is not discontinued, please put the date 6 months from now.

If the item is not coming back into stock still put the date 6 months from now. We will continue to do this until the customer cancels. 

Never mark as discontinued.

Further information will be needed. 

1. Delay reason

Here are the options that will be given to you: 

Item is Discontinued 

Scheduled for Production

In Production by Manufacturer

In Transit (On Water)

At the Port

In Transit (On Truck)

Stocking/Ready to Ship Shortly

Please check with a supervisor or Chris when these are coming back in or what date we can expect them. Enter this date into the "Restock Date" field

The only option that will not require a date is "Item is Discontinued"

Once all the accurate information has been submitted click "Submit"