The bike in the following solution uses a Vilano ATOM. However, this process is the same for all of our folding e-bikes. This solution is in place in case you ever would like to upgrade the fork on your Vilano folding e-bike!

The following steps show you how to remove the fork. 

  1. Fold-down the handlebars. This will reveal the quill stem bolt. Loosen this bolt one and a half turns, and you should be able to now remove the stem.  Picture of the quill stem bolt:

  1. Once you do this, the next step is to remove the brake caliper from the fork, then follow the cable up away from the brake caliper, you will see one section of the cable is zip-tied to the fork. Cut the zip tie to free the brake cable from the fork entirely. 

  2. After you have removed the brake caliper and cable, return to the top of the fork. You will find the jam nut. This can typically be unscrewed by hand. If you are unable to unscrew it by hand it will take a spanner wrench. This is what the jam nut looks like installed (first photo) and successfully removed (second photo). The spanner wrench is shown below).

3. After this is removed, you will have a thin washer to remove, then another piece to unscrew and remove (Half turn with a 36mm wrench and you should be able to remove by hand). The following photo shows the washer removed, and the wrench sitting on the next piece. 

Once that is removed there is one more washer that needs to be removed. Here is a photo of the washer (on left) and the piece you unscrewed (on right)

That was the final step. The fork will now drop out. You will notice there are bearings in the frame (you can see it in the above photo) and on the fork you have successfully removed you will see a rubber seal with bearings on top of it as well.

This photo shows a disassembled fork with all of the pieces in the correct order. Remember the only two pieces below the frame are the rubber seal and bearings. Then the other bearings and all other items shown above the fork are installed above the frame once the fork is in place.