If you choose the Pro Tune service, you will receive the benefit of having one of our certified bicycle mechanics fully inspect, assemble and tune your bicycle to insure proper operation. We are an authorized dealer of Vilano bikes so use of this service will validate your warranty coverage.

Without this service the bike would arrive dealer ready, in the factory packaging, 90% assembled. Dealer ready/factory direct means that the bike will require tuning of the front and rear derailleurs, adjusting of the brakes and truing of the wheels. Improper assembly voids the warranty so if you opt out of this service you need to take your bike to an authorized dealer for assembly.

Our pro tune service includes: 

Complete assembly of the bicycle and checking the alignment of the frame and fork

Add additional lubrication

Align and adjust the derailleurs

Grease the pedal threads

Align and tighten the crank sprockets and arms

Position the saddle level and center it on the seat post

Attach the brakes and adjust them correctly

Assemble the handlebars

True the wheels

We will then disassemble the bicycle just enough to fit it back into the shipping box, add more packing protection, and secure all movable parts to prevent any damage that might occur during transit.

Reassembly typically takes our customers only 10 to 15 minutes. There is a helpful pro-tune video which shows the remaining few items that you need to finish in order to ride.

You will need to attach the pedals, saddle, front wheel, front brake and the handlebars. That's it!

The left pedal screws on counterclockwise as if you're sitting on the bike. The right screws on clockwise as if you're sitting on the bike. Please hand tighten carefully. Once you are sure you did not cross thread the pedals, and after they are attached firmly, you can tighten. Be careful as threaded parts are not covered under warranty.

Please always ride safely and carefully. It is a great idea to take your bike to your local bike mechanic for final sizing and a safety check. Review the owner's manual, be aware of all safety precautions, and maintain your bike regularly. Use your helmet and safety gear, be conscious of traffic, and enjoy!