If you're having any trouble with your new Vilano Electric Bike after having it assembled and tuned by your local bike shop please don't worry, we're here to help.

Your first step will be to ensure all your outside connections are secure. To do that simply look over the outside of your bike and check any plugs you can see to make sure they are plugged in tightly.

If you're still experiencing trouble after checking the outside connections there are a few more cables to check but they're going to be inside your frame. Depending on which model you have the location varies slightly but they will be very close to your battery. You'll find a grey box with a bunch of wires sticking out of it and all the rest of your cables plugged into there. Not every plug coming out of the box will have something plugged into it, this is normal. Simply check all the plugs that are plugged in and make sure they're secure. While you're in there its also a good chance to check for any loose wires that may not have been crimped into their plugs properly.

If you're still having any issues after checking your outside and inside connections please reach out to us at customercare@vilanobikes.com. It will be very helpful if you include your bike shop information and any errors codes (or flashing lights) you see on the display on your handlebars.