To clean your cycling shoes: Wipe dirty or sweaty shoes with a clean cloth. Use a brush with a little mild soap and water for stubborn dirt.

To dry your cycling shoes:  Be sure to dry wet shoes! A shoe dryer uses a gentle flow of air to dry shoes quickly and efficiently. If a shoe dryer is not available, stuff shoes with newspaper and let sit overnight, changing the paper as necessary.

When to replace cleats:  If cleats are very worn, they may disengage from pedals unintentionally. It may be time to replace them. Also, if cleats crack, break, or are otherwise damaged, they will not function properly and should be replaced. 

Replacement cleats: Cleats match pedals. Be aware of which pedals you have before shopping for cleats. If you are unsure what you have, bring the pedals to your local bike shop, or bring/send a photo to the retailer so they may help you purchase cleats.